living in the now instead of on a countdown

‘“What day is it?”
It’s today,” squeaked Piglet.
My favorite day,” said Pooh.”’

The previous quote, from A.A. Milne, is a great one. However, if you were to ask me what today’s significance was, I would most likely tell you that it was the one month mark for the LDOC (last day of classes) at UNC – which isn’t exactly living up to Pooh’s awesome attitude, I know. I am just so excited that I will be done with my first year of college classes, and only a week away from being done with my freshman year at UNC, in only 30 days.

But even as I giddily cross out the days on my dry erase board calendar and in my planner, I can’t help but feel slightly scared by just how quickly the last 365 days have flown by. In the past year, I made my college deposit (shoutout to Mom & Dad), ran my last competitive track meet, went to my last prom, graduated high school, moved into my first home-away-from-home, took 11 UNC classes (one of which was a snowboarding class, like how cool is that?), went to football games, rushed Franklin after beating Duke, and got to be a part of Maye Madness – just to name some highlights.

As I reflect on all the amazing opportunities I’ve been blessed with this past year, it seems absurd that I could have spent any of that time wishing the days away, but crazily, I have been guilty of doing just that.

During the end of senior year, the countdown was for graduation. During summer, the countdown was for move-in-day. During my first weeks at school, the countdown was for my best friends from high school coming to visit. During first semester, the countdown was for fall break, then thanksgiving break, and finally winter break. Once I was back at school the countdown was for each weekend I planned to go back home, and even now as I write this, the countdown is for LDOC and summer.

While I have genuinely loved the last year and all that it has brought me, I can’t help but feel sad that I have somewhat tainted some of these amazing moments with the constant anticipation of future ones. Having things to look forward to is great, but by never stopping to enjoy the moments I have longed for in their entirety, I have robbed myself of the true fullness those moments had.

In just one short month, I will officially be 1/4 done with my time here at UNC. Three years sounds like a lot, but the last year has taught me that the days go by faster and faster as life becomes more and more exciting. I’ve discovered that life goes by quickly enough on its own – it doesn’t need a countdown!

Even as I anticipate God’s plan for my life and all that will come after college, especially as that time grows nearer and nearer, I am striving to remind myself daily to enjoy the season of life that God is blessing me with right now. It seems that already so many seasons are behind me, and my current season in college is moving by so quickly.

As I live the last 30 days as a first year at UNC, I hope to live in each day more fully and appreciatively. I hope to hang out with my friends more and my phone less. I hope to spend more time in the quad enjoying the nice weather and less time napping in my room. I hope to take the time to enjoy the season God has placed me in rather than anxiously waiting for the next season to come along.

I hope to live in the now instead of on a countdown.


“For this is the day that the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.”
-Psalm 118:24


  1. Mom says:

    Well said, Hannah! Imagine being the mother of such a thoughtful young woman who amazes me with her insight each and every day, who was just yesterday my miracle baby! Love you!


  2. Dwan says:

    All those years later after 5th grade and you are still that delightful and insightful young lady who I love.


  3. Dad says:

    Han, what a beautifully insightful piece; something I think we all strive for, but unfortunately fall short of in the busyness of the moment. The key is to never give up trying without trying to plan every moment is our hectic lives. What a blessing it is to watch my baby girl grow; wise beyond her years. Love you Dad


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