all is grace!

On a day full of declarations of goals and resolutions, the last thing anyone probably wants to read is a list of mine. But alas, I am writing and sharing one anyways.

As I told a friend earlier this morning, I actually despise resolutions. I do not like the guilt they usually inspire, or the obsession with measuring success by strict yet arbitrary standards. Mostly, I don’t like the feeling of paralysis that resolutions of a new year can bring. Or the sense that once January is over, I am stuck in my already established habits, unable to start anew or decide to grow differently in certain places.

But I do think there’s something to the practice of honing in on which areas of growth are important, and practical ways to make those happen. Not to confine what success in those areas can look like, but to visualize what the doing itself actually is.

I am clearly not a motivational speaker. Just a gal who doesn’t want to be *too* hypocritical in posting a list of goals, okay.

Anyways, here goes it — 20 goals for 2020:

  • Slower but steadier.
  • Read 2-3 books per month, FOR FUN.
  • Re-read the new testament by graduation.
  • Declutter and de-waste: Donate more clothes, only buy secondhand except for *needed* shoes.
  • Train for a half, and for a fall marathon.
  • Europe!
  • Pitch more stories. Really.
  • Write a blog or poem once a week(ish).
  • Less screen time.
  • Write more letters!
  • Bake 2-3 times a month, just ’cause. (I impulsively bought a Kitchen Aid yesterday so… this needs to happen so I feel justified in my purchase…)
  • Finish my thesis. Cry sparingly along the way.
  • Bike and walk more.
  • Listen to more podcasts.
  • Battle for an even more consistent sleep schedule because I am A Sophisticated Adult Person.
  • More dancing!
  • More lollipop moments.
  • Give more generously.
  • Serve more generously and creatively.
  • Love more selflessly.

(All is grace — thank you, Jesus!)

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