I have always loved words. First, I fell in love with reading. I read all the time, a book a day, most days, up into middle school. Somewhere along the line, I also fell in love with writing. I’ve tried my hand at creative writing, and while I enjoy it, I have about as much of a knack for it as Taylor Swift (sorry Tswift ily!) does for dancing. I am now a full-time reporter and recent graduate from UNC-Chapel Hill. While this blog doesn’t have the aim of journalism in mind, each post is written with a care for words and how I can best use them — a practice I’m diligent in striving for as a journalist and personally.

Anyways, I hope to fill this blog with lots of words – honest words, witty words, funny words, difficult words, informative words, real words – because all I have wanted to do since I fell in love with writing was to create more words in the world to be read. Thank you for reading my words, and I hope you will enjoy them a little along the way.


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